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Class 12






Electromagnetic Waves


A radio can tune into any stat...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Amplitude of magnetic field of an electromagnetic wave in a vaccum, <br> `B_(0)=510nT=510xx10^(-9)T` <br> Speed of light in a vaccuu, c=`3xx10^(3)m//s` <br> Amplitude of electric field of the electromagnetic wave is given by the relation, <br> `E=cB_(0)` <br> `=3xx10^(8)xx510xx10^(-9)=153N//C` <br> Therefore, the electric field part of the wvae is 153 N/C.

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welcome to that we have question are you can tune into any station in the 7.5 mhz to 12 mhz band what is the corresponding wavelength of a given the frequency band and we have to find out of wavelength corresponding to that frequency band so frequency band is 7.5 mhz 12 mega we have to find the wavelength band responding to this frequency band so we can find all Ahmedabad cbs1 address 3 into 10 to the power 8 upon 7.5 into 10 to power 62 will get 300 7.5 that is 14 now fall under two week Android Si bi F 2 3 into 10 power 8 upon 12 into 10 to power

Ishwar 225 can say that the wavelength band Lambda to Lambda want to Lambda to is 40 m to 25 m thanks a lot

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