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Class 12






Moving Charges & Magnetism


A proton, a deutron and an alp...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D


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hello students is given as a Proton deuteron and Alpha particle after being accelerated through the same potential enter the direction perpendicular to find the ratio of proton in the ratio of the kinetic energy and therefore we can take with which are the particle and proton and an Alpha particle charge ratio and mass ratio Proton is taken as a unit

Free shopping charge of this article if the mass of the reference particle Proton ratio of the most of these three particles Foundation to find the ratio since it is accelerated through a potential potential is equation for the Kyon since it is same potential the kinetic energy depends of kinetic energy is proportional to the ratio of the kinetic energy of the particle

neutron kinetic energy of Alpha particle is given by same as that of charge to DJ Sagar answer for the ratio of the kinetic energy saver option is 182122 server option is in which we can find the radius of the part of the neutron and proton is placed in magnetic field is in the question that is mentioned a magnetic field is given in a perpendicular becomes

force is equal to and when a particle is placed in a magnetic force exerted on the particle is given by centripetal force 10 MB / 2 / are equal to do we can conserve and velocity and we can write the equation for velocity V is equal to be our energy equation for half square substitute for velocity V get one by two m square b square divided by m square

square square square divided by 2 or considering the ratio of kinetic energy from kinetic energy of Alpha particle solid the quantity depends upon current energy is proportional to / to take the ratio of proton and neutron Proton to find the kinetic energy of proton / what is our equation is proportional to the square of square divided by 12 a.m. charge of proton square into radius of proton

/ 2 in the mass of proton in kinetic energy of deuteron charge of deuteron square radius of deuteron square divided by can cancel 22 and what is the ratio of proton and neutron charger charge of proton and neutron is 182 proton and neutron is a square is 15 OK what about the radius of the 777 / radius of deuteron mass ratio of mass of deuteron mass of proton mass is given 1822 Romance is given as to square divided by 1 which is equal to ratio of kinetic energy of proton and this ratio is given as to what is equal to

get 7.2 square / what is the phone on that is radius of deuteron square is equal to 7 square into two radius of newton is equal to 17 which is equal to 9.2 question for radius of neutron which is in centimetres 7th Avenue to find the radius of the take the ratio of kinetic energy of proton to kinetic energy of what is the question becomes it is

videos of protons were divided by 2 into marks of square in radius of Alpha squire to India by / 12 / mass of what is the ratio of kinetic energy of proton and Alpha particle and proton and Alpha particle is given by one is given by 1 by 2 equal to ancillary 1 by 4 charges and radius of proton is 7 / radius of Alpha Alpha square mass of Alpha form for get cancelled and radius of Alpha square is equal to 7 square into to

the four areas of Alpha is equal to 7 in rupee to which is equal to 9.8 999.9

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