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Class 12






Motion In Two Dimensions


A projectile is launched with ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

(a)4.9 m(b)13.3 m(c)9.1 m(d)12.6 m

Answer : B
Solution : At B, `S_(y)=0, u_(y)t+1/2 a_(y)t^(2)=0` <br> `t=-(2u_(y))/(a_(y))=(-2(10))/(-10 xx sqrt3/2) =4/sqrt3s, AB=R=1/2 a_(x) t^(2)` <br> `R=1/2 (10xx 1/2) (4/sqrt3)^(2)=10/4 xx (16)/(3)=40/3=13.33m` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello students to devar question is a projectile is launched with a speed of angle 60 degree with the horizontal form a sleeping from a sleeping surface of inclination 30° and the Ranger is the is be hard to find the range and Jise acceleration due to gravity is 10 metre per second square so this is 10 metre per second square 60 angle of inclination is speed of angle this is a projectile with an angle 60 and this is range and this is 30 degree so we know that so the solution of this question is we know that ranges range r is equal to half in 2G sin theta by sin 30 degree and this is in multiplication with square so we can draw the cost component and the second component here in this direction we have

G sin 30 and destruction we have ji cos 30 degree in this direction we have so the solution is our is equal to half ji into sin theta 13 to 30 square and the is the time of the flight status of flight fare from this we can write a is equals to to be to time of velocity and receive / cos 30 and we know that cos 30 and 32 so we can I take this is to and velocity is 10 and G scan and this is cos 30 here so this is

it is equals to Hassan distance allowed under root 3 by 2 hair from this we get is equals to 4 / and root3 here and there is equals to our range is equal to half of the sin theta by sin 13 to 30 square and from this week and Idea over Rs 1 mai 2010 and sin 30 is 1 by 2 and we have tea is forwarded 103 and we have to scare so from this we get our is equals to 10 / 4 and this is 16 / 3 hour is equal to 40 / 3 and from this we get our range is equals to Power Rangers if we divide the so we get Rangers 13.3 M here so now we chat with option is correct

Sourav Sandesh director thank you

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