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Current Electricity


A potentiometer wire has lengt...

A potentiometer wire has length `4 m` and resistance `8 Omega`. The resistance that must be connected in series with the wire and an accumulator of e.m.f. `2 V`, so as the get a potential gradient `1 mV` per cm` on the wire is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`32 Omega``40 Omega``44 Omega``48 Omega`

Answer : A


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10k ohm metre wire is given length L and resistance to V tourist to get a potential gradient potential gradient is distributed formula biwi by dear value only want to get this potential and potential gradient how much resistance must be connected in table given media it but

it per centimetre so I'm taking into 422 DB David 1 million volt per centimetre into 400 into 1 million in 1 into 10 raise to power world per CM quality 0.4.4 your potential 0.4 is the formula of equal to higher but we will write delta delta biwi what is my what is current current I is equal to be by total

but they are asking how much must be connected in this wire how much recipes we need to connect in series with wires how much current will flow to connect ise equal to we buy this it 8 + 2 equal to 8 plus series resistance R is cut into Delta we will be equal to the two are taking tea TV 32 inch into the president is of Y2 that it it

in 20.0.4 is equal to 2 by 8 + 8 into 8 8 + a is equal to 2 into 816 by 0.4 we will calculate its equal to 32 because if there are 16 by 0.48 hoti we can write it by 60 164 164 equal to 40 otherwise 8 plus r

is equal to 40 and from our is equal to 32 here option 8 correct 32 on breath connected in the


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