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Class 12






Miscellaneous Volume 3


A positively charged particle ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`(2qE)/m(sqrtl/g)` `(qE)/m(sqrtl/sqrtg)` `(qE)/m(sqrt(2l)/g)` `(qE)/(2m)(sqrtl/g)`

Answer : B
Solution : b. `theta` is equilibrium position. Net force in equilibrium position <br> `F=sqrt((mg)^(2)+(qE)^(2))` <br> `tantheta=(qE)/(mg)` <br> `Tcostheta=F` <br> `Tsintheta=(mv^(2))/(r)` <br> where `r=lsin theta` <br> Solve to get `v=(qE)/(m) sqrt((l)/(g))` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello dear students to be given with the question with A positively charged particle of value q and mass M is suspended from a point by string of length L in the space of uniform horizontal electric field the particle is thrown a site so that it is projected horizontally with velocity V is a particle starts to move along a circle with same constant speed V so we need to find the speed with a what's been given to others this is the particle and this is been moved aside and at that point it's been given some horizontal velocity v and it started performing circular motion alright so at any position let se power while shifting that charged particle at any position this making an angle of theta where we consider that at this point it's been at this

it's been acted upon by a process that is along this direction that is electric force due to electric field and its mass in the downward direction mg and since this angle is status so let's make it more clear from this angle will also be at Etawah now as we have drawn all the forces now also we know other tension in the string will be it and if we consider this as the component parallel to this line so it would be nothing but this and let's suppose this angle to BST time table by using the alternate angle property so this will become costly cos theta this component of the string will also be having a tension of take or student

similarly this will be having it isn't a component it's just like a in case of Pendulum we used to resolve the tension in just that we have resolved it now from here all the forces is been given the US along a horizontal and this along the downward direction so the net force we can calculate let's suppose it has to be app network from the from the figure we can say it since it is the particle performing circular motion we can say atoms and I will be responsible for the country capital first let's suppose that if R is the radius of the circle and also Aarti cos theta will be responsible if you have a look at a cost does balancing the most net net force on it

Aadesh will be the case where also if we construct this triangle so in this triangle we can write the value as the centre will be nothing but opposite that is UV upon adjacent opposite Upon A let's make it the diagram clear so so here we can see opposite of an adjacent that is to Rajeshwari the value of Tenda we are getting and let's suppose the Disawar equation 1 and this power equation number to now from here we can write the value of this can be done as also if we for the resolve equation to show it will be we can write it as a

master will be nothing but at night after night will be nothing but MG square + b square thread so this is the equation to be have which are resolved for the from here we can write therefore we can say cos theta can be written as under root of a square + instead of you can ride as Meg 10 theta square so it comes out to be a right from here we can write this comes out to be MG square can be taken out as mg and we are left with 1 + 10 square theta

1 + tan squared theta and 1 + 10 square theta can be again returned as this can be done as sec square theta and that comes out to be a g sector L I have got the value of P and G sector l this can be written as t cos square theta is equals to MG 1 Oz this every question number 3 now of equation one can be written as a question one can be done as it was given a St Santa directors to have a square by instead of marble Riders health centre and your will give the reason as equals to L sin theta from the figure we can calculate the value and from your we can write 30 tan square theta and that would be equal to mm

square by let's suppose the discovery question number 4 dividing by 3 will get 10 square theta and that would be equal to MC square by LMG or that can be done as a square by LG Audit and we have calculated the values qmg this can be done as you by MG where into LG and that would be equals to the value as we square college from here we can see that we are left with therefore we can write the value of V comes out to be

letter writing as you and MG will come out and we are left with under root LG this can be further simplified as you and if it take ji inside album Jesus is the value of V we are getting over the correct option matching is option B I hope you have understood the cancer and thank you for watching

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