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Class 12






Jee Mains


A position of particle is x=at...

A position of particle is `x=`at`+bt^(2)-ct^(3)` find out velocity when acceleration is zero (1) `v=a+b^2/(3c)` (2) `v=a-b^2/(3c)` (3) `v=2a-b^2/(3c)` (4) None of these

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`v-a+(b^(2))/(3c)``v-a-(b^(2))/(3c)`None of these1

Answer : A


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hello everyone hates Tata question question is that position of a particle is executing 2 + b square minus City to find out velocity when acceleration is zero so in this question we need to find out the velocity when acceleration is zero ok so in this question access given equal to 80 + b square minus ctq we can calculate velocity from here it is equal to the Axe by DT if we put the value divider t

the bracket 80 + b square minus City you know if you differentiate this it will be a to b t minus 3 x square ok now we need to get the acceleration so exception is equal to Biwi by DT and if you put the value of a baby A plus B minus 3 x square this will be 0 + 2 b - 6 she never got there

the velocity is equal to zero we can put equal to zero in this equation so this will become Tu Bhi -66 CT equal to zero we can write 226 city where we can write that is time that is equal to be by 32 and 64 cancel to with three so equal to pi by 3 C now we found the time if we put this which is acceleration is equal to zero then we can get velocity ok Sona wasting time in the velocity velocity when

exception is zero and X is B3 see if we substitute the values will get week 12 A + 2B and n in place of TV can write bi bye Race - 3 and in place of the week and write bi bye Re C whole square now if you solve further we will get a + b square by 3 minus b square C by 9 square c and one of the sea can be cancelled out 3 with 9 ok

so we can write a + 2B square by Gary C minus b square by Tracy so if a minus b square by 3C from to B square minus 3 seat b square by three see this is the velocity when acceleration is zero if you see the option the correct answer is equal to a + b square by 3C we can write correct answer is kare

answer is a + b square by 3 C thank u


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