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A point object in air is in FI...

A point object in air is in FIGUREront oFIGURE the curved surFIGUREace oFIGURE aplano-convex surFIGUREace is 30cm and the reFIGUREractive index oFIGURE the lens material is 1.5, then the FIGUREocal length oFIGURE the lens(in cm) is


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hello student the question is a point object in air is placed in front of a Plano convex lens whose radius of curvature of surface is 30cm the refractive index of material is 1.5 find the focal length of the lens first of all this lens is Plano convex lens 281 radius of curvature of the first part is 30 cm and radius of curvature of the second surface is take to be negative Infinity or positive in the refractive index of the material is 1.5 the length of The Lens Maker equation what is Lens Maker Formula 1 = 2 and -1 1 upon 1

minus one upon our to substitute the values of parameter 1.5 - 11 upon 30 it becomes one upon Infinity one upon Infinity becomes zero so 1 by a = 2.5 by 30 or we can say the focal length of the lens is 62 the final answer the focal length of lens that is Plano convex lens is 50 cm thank you