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A point charge q is located a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `sigma=-(ql)/(2pi(l^(2)+r^(2))^(3//2)), q_("nd")=-q`

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according to question of a point charge Q is located at a distance l from infinite conducting plate determine surface density of charge induced on plane as function of separation are from the base perpendicular don't to plane from the charge ok so we have to find the charge density so as we know that from Oslo the electric field is equal to Sigma upon us and not in that condition Sigma charge density density is equal to asali note end2end close to the surface OK Google find the charge density means electric field

using image mirror method ok electric field ok so that is H plane and that is a charge ok so you will find image of the charge in that claim so that is the charge minus Q that is the image ok and the nature of charge is negative OK so the plane direction is in the direction that is the normal vector ok so according to question we have to find a charge density and R is as a function of separation from the base of a perpendicular drawn to the plane ok so that is the

plane and in perpendicular direction that is a connecting the these two charges along the direction that is a distance R K and the at distance R that is the point where we have to find the electric field OK will get the relation in for mark ok so let's assume that angle is also Alpha ok so due to these two charges ok electric field at that point ok so due to plus charge electric field is in the direction and due to negative charge electric will be in that direction ok so we will find the component of the electric field ok so at that point P that is electric field at

Q + ok show that angle is alpha so two components are 1 is equal to sin alpha in another one is Ne kyu Kaushal father similarly for charge Q - ok so that angle is also Alpha so we will get two component of force is one component is in the direction that is a minus 2 sin alpha and another is in direction ke a cube minus cos alpha so from the diagram we can see that the parallel component to the plane will be cancel out so the net electric field perpendicular

e n is equal to 2 ke Kyon cos alpha ok because the magnitude of both charges is same and the distance also same so the electric field magnitude will be also Kyon ok the values of n is equal to 2 electric field due to this two charges is equal to K small cube upon our distance from charge of the point so that is root of a square + b square ok so we will get here a square + b square ok that is the electrical magnitude into cos alpha from the diagram

cos alpha OK call sulphur will be equal to 1 upon root of a square + a square ok so that will be valuable put in that relation and the value of k also we can put you 1 upon 4 Pi Epsilon naught n is equal to 2 1 upon 4 Epsilon naught into cos alpha value of cos alpha is l and the that is square as a square power 3 by the relation of e n is equal to Q L upon 25 Sal not Allah square + Y square

power 3 by 2 ok that is a relation of perpendicular electric field to the plane ok Sona we will fine the charge density and according to charge density relation we put value here asali note into em ok but in that relation e n a n is anti parallel to and vector normal vector so will put him minus Sin A minus so the charge density is equal to minus note into fuel upon 257 note L square + Y square power 3 by 2 the final relation will be Sigma

-2.25 square + Y square power 3.2 that is a charge density on a plane

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