A platinum resistance thermometer reads `0^@` when its resistance is `80 Omega` and `100^@` when its resistance is `90 Omega`. Find the temperature at the platinum scale at which the resistance is `86 Omega`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`R_1 =86 Omega R_0= 80 Omega R_100=90 Omega` <br> `t= R_1-R_0/R_100-R_0 xx 100` <br> `86-80/90-80 xx 100` <br> `6/10 xx 100= 60^0C`


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salvation is platinum resistance thermometer reads 0 degrees and the racetrack is 18 and 100 degree when its resistance is 91 find the temperature at which the resistance is it is it ok to be an indication is the distance from here to read the temperature of temperature of zero degree resistance is how much 80 homes and it was a temperature of 100 degree hundred degree find the resistance is 90 times we have to find the temperature when the resistance is how much it so the temperature corresponding to the resistance 86 ohm will be given as t is equal to

are - are not divided by 100 minor or not in 200 degrees at society to turn their respective values are is given to us as it is its - 80 90 - 80 in 200 degree correct 6.10 in 200 degree will be coming as 60 degree today temperature corresponding to the 86 home will be 60 degree ok thank you

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