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A planet revolves around the s...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D
Solution : (d) As `(v_(p))/(v_(a))=(a(1+e))/(a(1-e))` <br> where a is semi-major axis of the ellipse <br> `v_(p)(1-e)=v_(a)(1+e) or v_(p)-ev_(p)=v_(a)+ev_(a)` <br> `e(v_(a)+v_(p))=v_(p)-v_(a) or e=(v_(p)-v_(a))/(v_(a)+v_(p))`


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hello question is a planet revolves around the sun in an elliptical Orbit PPP and BA are the velocities of planet and at a parity and Apple opposite then the eccentricity of the elliptical orbit is given by audit exam now and marking the major Axis latest first market centre centre and marking test and the focus is Focus means you are to sun will be at this position

Sony nearby position to sun is the Earth rotates the planet actually it is in this work we solve near by position of the planet and the distance is now as the planet like this was supposed is revolving like this way it angular momentum is conserved

angular momentum is conserved for let me let it be beautiful and let this be so Aarti

is the distance of the planet at from the sun and it will be equals to this will be equal to minus and a is the distance of the planet at the this will be equal to

construct I told you just before some time to therefore in AP BP equal to a b a t h i think it at this position this is Jurassic point and velocity at a pretty close to the plan to come here we can write in which cancel out so we can write BP by BA equals to buy now to find out is equals to 3 by

from here we can write a is equals to sorry C is equals to awaken writing to Ara by RP this sunao dayalpur BP by a will be equals to 3 aadami a + b / now by a minus b is equals to 1

Love by 1 minus 10 come now cross multiply BP minus plus easy so become like this GP - BA so now we can write DP equal to minus b a b

buy BP we need to find out it is which option matches your answer to b p d c l i hope you like my video

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