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A planet is revolving around t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a) `T^2 = \frac{pi ^{2}}{2Gm}( r_{A}+r_{p} )^{3}`(b) `T^2 = \frac{pi ^{2}}{2Gm}( r_{A}+r_{p} )^{2}`(c) `v_{A}r_{A}= v_{p}r_{p}`(d)`v_A < v_p, r_A > r_p`

Answer : C


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according to question planet is revolving around Sun its distance from sun it is R and distance it is RP the mass of planet and son age MN capital M respectively where is the velocity of planet a topology and vp is the velocity at soti is the time period of revolution of planet around the sun then identify the wrong statement ok according to question that planet is revolving around the sun ke solecism that is R R P ok that is the GUI and that is are ok that is according to Vision that

city at Paragon is VP and Hogi is ok so first of all we will apply angular momentum conservation in that portion so as we know that due to gravitational force ok that line of action is always passing through that LINE which is passing through the centre of the masses because that gravitational force it is a central force ok force FC is a central force torque applied applied by that force is always Hero it means we can apply angular momentum conservation means angular momentum at Paragon will be equal to angular momentum

ok angular momentum is MBR so the mass of planet is M velocity at Paragon is VP and distance at Apollo is R P is equal to M velocity at upon and distance of UP Hogi is our according to date BP RP will be equal to var2 according to that relation option C is correct ok from the activation we can say that product of VR is it means velocity and distance product is constant for that motion means when

are is Greater 20 mins Rs increasing please decreasing means in that condition are a is greater than RP OK so the relation of epoxy and Pragya velocity will be reversed ok so velocity at Upper gi will be less than velocity at according to that option d option d is also correct now we have to find the relation of time period so as we know that that motion of planets around the sun is due to gravitational attraction force ok so4 timetrade the gravitational force will be equal to centrifugal force ok so we assume that every distance

a is equal to R A plus R P by two that is the average distance so in that condition gravitational force will be equal to ji capital M A small am upon a square that is everything between the planet and son OK it is equal to centrifugal force force will be equal to M V square upon from the relation we will get GM Upon A is equal to V square upon B square so we will get orbital velocity V is equal to root GM upon ok now

the time per t is equal to Total distance to pay if evidence is a so we can consider the total distance covered by incomplete Revolution will be equal to 25 ok upon speed V so we will put that value here you will get it is equal to two pipe upon velocity V show a upon root of GM upon we will get to pipe a power 3 by 2 upon root GM if a square of side we will get t square is equal to 45 square cube upon GM ok so I am is are + RBI to show 45 square upon GM

R + R upon 2 cube ok so we will get you boss 2 is it City square is equal to y square upon 2 GM Aaye plus rpq so that is a relation of time period according to that option is also quite so option AC and the correct means wrong statement is be so we have to identify the wrong statement so answer is

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