Updated on:30/05/2023

A person holds a bundle of hay over his head for 30 minutes and gets tired. Has he done some work or not ? Justify your answer.



a person holds a bundle of him over his head for 30 minutes and get tired has he done some work or not justify your answer suppose this is our person and he's holding on heat had ok and his timing for 30 minutes he didn't move any singleton in this 30 minute ok no first we will see what are the criteria which will be fulfilled to work to be done first criteria applied force must be applied to do work second criteria and displacement
take place displacement just happened to have some work ok and third criteria angle between the force and displacement each not 90 degree remember this not 90 degree ok so now we will see what criteria are fulfilled here each force applied by the person on the yes this is our hai so gravity is pulling the high with horse of mass of a in
2G but person is applying some force on the which is equivalent to Mars in 2G of the here that's why I hate it on the same point that is net force on the hey 0 so that's why I hate on the head office ok Sweet means person is applying force superstrate areas full video displacement takes place each person moving no person is not moving because in question it says that person holds the bundle of a it means he is not moving it means displacement didn't take displacement didn't takes place so our criteria for doing work is not fulfilled
so that's why work is not done in this process why work is not done because there is no displacement but was applied ok thank you


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