A pendulum of length L carries a negative charge - q on the bob. A positive charge +q is held at the point of support . Then, the time period of the bob is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Greater than `2pisqrt(L/g)`Less than `2pisqrt(L/g)`equal to `2pisqrt(L/g)`Equal to `2pisqrt((2L)/g)`

Answer :


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hello Ravana pendulum of length L carries a negative charge -2 on the ball a positive charge + Q is held at point of support then the time period of the barber's if you see what will happen if you take a bob and let this is the fixed and from which the bob is connected and slightly displays the bob like this so if you see that this is the verb and this is the point of suspension like this so what happens if you take for the weight Tok because of the weight if you see the weight will extend outward direction and if you take for the torque because of the wait for the small angular displacement so as a small angular displacement then you can consider this as a circular motion and this reality town

perpendicular distance of the torque on this it will be simply line of action of force and distance of sign of a post from the point of suspension with this is the line of action of force and this distance is explored to the talk you what it is m g e l l and if you equated with alpha and you put the value of Y is equals to ML square then you can write down ml square alpha is equal to M glt Pradesh l and L M N L will get get cancelled out and by comparing this equation with this equation you can get the Omega and Omega will be this and the time period we know that it is to pi biomed

this way calculate the time period and you can put the value of Omega red when you will give the charges bob and up at the point of suspension if you see minus Q on the bomb and plus two at the point of that supports this is + q and this is minus Q what will happen here 2 force that will act will be towards the centre in this way to no increase in talk will happen the talk will not changed at all talk will not change at all the talk will not change then how this equation will change and if this equation will not change with the proportionality relation will not change then the time period

with also ancient because you can see it depends on the proportionality relation of the talk with the theatre talk with the theatre is not changing the proportionality relation is not changing so time of this time period is also not changing to it is equal to this she is the correct one

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