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A passenger is standing d metr...

A passenger is standing `d` metres away from a bus. The bus begins to move eith constat acceleration `a. To catch the bus the passenger runs at a constant speed (v) towards the bus, at what minimum speed he must have ,so that he may catch the bus.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let the passenger catch the bus after time t. <br> The distance travelled by the bus, `" "s_(1)=0+1/2 at^(2)` …(i) <br> and the distance travelled by the passenger `" "s_(2)=ut+0` …(ii) <br> Now the passenger will catch the bus if `d+s_(1)=s_(2)` ...(iii) <br> `rArr d+1/2 at^(2)=ut rArr 1/2 at^(2)-ut+d=0rArr t=([u+-sqrt(u^(2)-2ad)])/a` <br> so the passenger will catch the bus if t is real, i.e., `u^(2) ge 2ad rArr u^(2) ge u^(2)sqrt(2ad)` <br> So the minimum speed of passenger for catching the bus is `sqrt(2ad)`.


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