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Jee Mains


A particle start from rest, wi...

A particle start from rest, with uniform acceleration at time `t`, choose the correct option

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C


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hello the question is a particle starts from rest with uniform acceleration at time T is the correct option what we have given BF given a particle is starts from the initial velocity zero uniform acceleration at time T is given the acceleration is uniform all Falls between time taking acceleration as constant now I have to deal with acceleration time with velocity time graph and position I am going to find all the so let's talk about the loss can be written as w b b b b

this is equal to a constant from from here is what I did find the value of p i will integrate it is going to BKT + according to condition it has initially it is from rest velocity will be zero at is equal to zero for this we are getting our final equation for velocity has become a remember this equation for velocity this is for acceleration now we have to deal with its position

how can we find the position when the velocity can be returned and velocity is given if I integrate this I will be getting scared as what is a square B fine now this is the condition of what position to be found all three first position acceleration and velocity now let's talk about the first one acceleration is constant velocity time it is constant passing from origin because it is also now

position time graph histogram we got this this is why is equal to what 4 x square this is this kind of soap Vinu obviously this is not represent in this part of the part when we possess a b and all three are our character I hope you have got your answer


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