A particle of mass m moving in the x direction with speed 2v is hit by another particle of mass 2m moving in they y direction with speed v. If the collision is perfectly inelastic, the percentage loss in the energy during the collision is close to :


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hello everyone list at the question and another particle of mass 2m moving in my direction with speed V College in his perfectly inelastic percentage loss and close to this question we find out the percentage loss energy ok and this will be the kinetic energy ok initial before college in final after collision / kinetic energy initial hold X hundred women's final
this one and this one so if you take the case so let's say this is the object one and there is another object ok and this is another object that this object having mass M and velocity 2v ok and it is this object is moving in this direction along x-axis ok and this object is moving This particle is moving in Y direction like this ok this is the initial after the collision after what will happen as it is perfectly in
I will form a single mass ok this will be like that and this must be movie like this ok to will have the X component and Y component of that will be ok if you write this is we then x-component we can write this component of that partner Kamal particle will be the X and Y we can write vi vi ok so you can find out the country energy finally we have to be happy to find and VX and the mass is now 3M 3M Everest is we so so if
conservation of momentum conservation of momentum along X direction that is PX it will be it will be initial along X equal to final along x if you see the initial position only This particle only is particle is moving and this is not movie this is not movie in X direction we will take the moment of this one only so this will be a mass M Jewellers that is to be done after the collision the masses 3M and velocity is along x-axis ok from here we can calculate vs equal to 2 by 3 vs Eminem water cancel out so we
Dubai 3V OK it is along x-axis now if you write the moment and along y-axis at initial and long Y equal to be final along Y if you right here if you see that the particle to is only moving in my direction will take only the momentum for this metric provide direction we can write remarks that is 2m and the velocity at this will be equal to the mask after college in that is 3M into velocity along why that is why I'm here we can find vi vi vi equal to 2 by 3 where we see that the magnitude seem ok now where to find out percentage
sofa that we need the kinetic energy initial and kinetic energy final the way we'll find out first kinetic energy at any initial situations you write the kinetic energy for initial it will be aap per particle will it will be Martin to Leicester square that is to be whole square and for Patil do we can write half the masses 2m and this will be a 24 b square + a square and soldiers will get free MB Square Nagpur final kinetic energy we can write Attic energy final it will be as it is a single mass now we can I
aap into the velocity Rohira find out the velocity in terms of X and Y in acceleration in my direction so if you write the magnitude the resultant magnetic field b square + b y square so it will be half 232 as the value is same for both we can write 2 into 2 by 3 b whole square ok so this will be hor V square by 3 into now we can calculate the percentage change in kinetic energy ok and energy is it will be the kinetic energy initial - kinetic energy
divide by kinetic energy initial in 200 substitute the value is will be equal to 3 and B square minus 4 by 3 MB square divided by 3 m v square hole X 112 further we will get 9 m square - 4 m v square divided by 9 M V square and whole X hundred if you solve this this will be a v square 9 m b square in 200mb square a girl out and this will be approximately 56%
BP check options have presented is a correct answer I can write correct answer is it is 6% thank you

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