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Class 12






System Of Particles And Rotational Motion


A particle of mass m is thrown...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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g`(9g)/(3)` `(2g)/(3)` `(g)/(2)`

Answer : A

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question is a particle of mass M is thrown horizontally from the top of a tower and another particle of mass 2m is thrown vertically upward acceleration of centre of mass is we can see this is our power know there are two particles one particle is thrown horizontally from the top of lets it to em value is thrown vertically upwards and this mask is thrown vertically upwards this is 2m this is our him now we can say the acceleration of the centre of the mask will be given by the formula we have a one plus we can save your m2e 2 / we can see your plus we can see hear in 2 year

acceleration will be the acceleration due to gravity that is ji along minus y axis has acceleration - phone app we can see the acceleration we can see as divided by total mass of the system is a 2m can be written in common and cancelling out this comes as - 3 ICAP - 2 J cap this year is minus 2 and 3 J cap this comes as mine 3mg mass of the system is 3M

lesson in magnitude cells we can say that is we can see the option of 1g that is 9.8 metre per second square is the systems we can acceleration of the centre of mass

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