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A particle of mass 'm' is movi...

A particle of mass 'm' is moving with speed '2v' and collides with a mass '2m' moving with speed 'v' in the same direction. After collision, the first mass is stopped completely while the second one splits into two particles each of mass 'm' which move at angle `45^(@)` with respect to the original direction. The speed of each of the moving particle will be


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`sqrt(2) v``2sqrt(2) v``v//(2sqrt(2))``v//sqrt(2)`

Answer : D


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hello A particle of mass M moving with speed V collides with direction while at 45 degree find the speed of each particle particle particle particle

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particle net external port of the system that let the momentum in X direction what is the relation between acceleration of particle particle movie

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