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Class 11






Work, Power & Energy


A particle of mass m attached ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : a. sqrt(4gl-K/ml^2)`; b. `(Kl-mg)/(m)`
Solution : At B, extension in the spring=l <br> a. `mg*2l=1/2Kl^2+1/2mv^2` <br> `impliesv=sqrt(4gl-K/ml^2)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> b. `Kl-mg=maimpliesa=(Kl-mg)/(m)`

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hello gentle questioning that a particle of mass M and length L and mass M and length L and it from the horizontal position of the relaxed spring when the particle passes through its lowest point the maximum length of the string dikhao 12 speed of the particle ok we have a question that we know that there is a lot of potential energy and potential energy of a spring and integrity of the data packet ok so we can according to this we know that

in potential energy loss in potential energy will be equal to gain in gain in potential energy of a spring + increase in kinetic energy of the god that Michelle to body according to this week right here what is velocity potential energy you know that this whole system is go on to and length it is it is stated this elongation because to else over how much can change in 90 change in length will be too well so here in height

right that MG into development 22l that will be equal to then potential energy of a spring is equal to half actually how much change here is a length L that is the end and inside that this also go to change will be l m ok now after this we will find the value of velocity and this will equal to how much the velocity will come here we call to Fauji Fauji - 5 and under root ok Andhra first part 2nd part 2nd part of the particle at its lowest position

Vinod that at lowest position this is what is determined at lowest position here and you'll be acting downward and spring force acting upward into a displacement is how much into this will be in the opposite direction according the Newton Law of Motion equal to Mars in 2nd lesson machine to acceleration so what is equal to mass of the body into a solution of the body what is K9 MG / Naate thank you

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