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A particle moving with constan...

A particle moving with constant acceleration of 2m/`s^2` due west has an initial velocity of 9 m/s due east. Find the distance covered in the fifth second of its motion.

Text Solution

Solution : Initial velocity u = +9 m/s <br> Acceleration a = -2 m/`s^2` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/AND_SCERT_PHY_IX_C02_SLV_005_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> In this problem, acceleration’s direction is opposite to the velocity’s direction. <br> Let “ t” be the time taken by the particle to, reach a point where it makes a turn along the straight line. <br> We have. v u+at <br> 0=9 - 2t <br> We get, t = 4.5s <br> Now let us find the distance covered in 1/2 second i.e. from 4.5 to 5 second <br> Let u = 0 at t = 4.5 sec. <br> Then distance covered in 1/2s. <br> `s=1/2at^2` <br> `s=1/2xx2xx[1/2]^2` <br> `=1//4m` <br> Total distance covered in fifth second of its motion is given by <br> `S_0=2S=2(1//4)=1//2m`


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