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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 60


A particle is given a horizont...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello point A particle is given a horizontal velocity U from point P on a smooth track which has a vertical circular track at end ABC semi circular track of radius R in vertical plane in the park is having length 3 are the particles returns 2 point that initial speed of the particle when the particle will come to see point let it is having velocity V you can get this velocity by writing the work energy theorem write down the work energy theorem from a to C sweet to hear more than by normal reaction will be zero because normal reaction Balak perpendicular to the path and the object will move along the path to basically displacement will be perpendicular to the force that each instance to

normal reaction will not do any work I will write on the work done by gravity is equals to simply change in kinetic energy final kinetic energy you can get final velocity is V initial velocity is you and if you see the work done by gravity for that you need to see here this distance the distance moved by the particle is aplus it is toward the particle moved to a distance in a direction and the gravity will act in downward direction so I will write down the work done by gravity is simply negative to because the motion is like a displacement is nd Bala to the like a opposite to the osiya I will let you down half a square final kinetic energy if you see the spinal this is final minus a nation where you can get this relation between you

and B if you cancel out this am late so you lie down this V square is equals to if you see this is used square - 4 if you take this to on that side you'll get 4G are come to this diagram again the direction of velocity is horizontal This particle is having velocity in horizontal direction case of horizontal projectile and IT returns to hear in vertical direction it traveled to what in direction is it traveled and this was 20 I will take this time IST = 20 and let it die kattiko Stuti you can get this capital T

by writing the second equation of motion in vertical direction and write down initial velocity is zero the displacement in vertical direction is to avoid taking down what is positive initial velocity is zero how ji capital T square capital T is the time to strike the ground time taken to strike the Ground from here you will lie down the capital T is cost 24 hour by ji under root now if you see the x-direction motion in X Direction This velocity we will we will remain constant as it is there is no acceleration also in exaggeration horizontal direction so I will simply write down the excess Quest to win the capital of the value you can put the value of V and T rate Axis given it is kriya

and we were calculated it is this time is this a square both side I will write down x square is equals to V square 1 to 30 square foot the square of the value of x is three years three years where is 9v square be calculated it is you square - 4 GR t square will be forever by ji from here if you take this 4 by the on that side UV light use square minus 4 Y is equals to 9 square into ji by 42 it will be 9 by 4 this one I will get cancelled out and you will get 9 by fauziya if you take this item on that side you will write a you square is this can be written as 16 by 4 16 by 4 + 9 by 4 it will be 25 by 4

take under root both side it will be 5 by 2 and this is the answer of this question not check for the option 5 by 2 under root ji 820

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