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Work, Power & Energy


A particle in projected with v...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : As tension at B, `T=0` <br> `:. mg cos theta=(mv_B^2)/(L) :. v_B=sqrt(gLcos theta)` (i) <br> Now by equation of energy between A and B. <br> `0+1/2m3gL=1/2mv_B^2+mgL(1+costheta)` (ii) <br> From Eqs. (i) and (ii), `cos theta=1/3` <br> Therefore, height attended by particle after point B where the string slacks is <br> `h^'=(v_B^2sin^2theta)/(2g)=(gLcostheta(1-cos^2theta))/(2g)=(4L)/(27)` <br> Therefore, maximum height about point A is given by. <br> `H_(max)=L+Lcostheta+h^'=L+L/3+(4L)/(27)=(40L)/(27)`


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hello student that is lowest point of the circle in the vertical plane find the maximum height about horizontal level ko your diagram is now coming to the coalition version vi no tension 8.2 be will be equal to zero because here it starting using a pro if you will make every at this point then you can say any 10 mg will be

like this and Sanchore Civil Court will act by idea plan go now if we will apply glue medium equation year you will get mg cos theta call to MV square by l from here if you will calculate the value of V so that it will come equal to root of CL into cos theta I am saying question number 1 now if you will apply energy

conservation from a to b bahan Universal equal to you final final Universal point I am taking zero and kinetic energy 8.8 half and vs Square and we want to you do you can put a year later now energy mgl oneplus cos theta + kinetic energy will be half v v square Pro putting all the value live value of V A

that is root 3 mgl 1 + cos theta + value of V you can value VV you can put from equation 1 so here it will come l you can see how this location is in cos theta here you can calculate the value of cos theta that will come equal to 1 by 3 so now you want to calculate the height attained by particle after the point B attend

by particle after Queen Bee where spring plate take 5 amazing ways you can calculate VV time square theta upon to value will come he will put value of sin theta here and value of we here at a cos theta and you can write find square theta 1 - cos square theta and now putting the value of cos theta here that is 1 by 3 proper simplifying

you will get value of a few days will be 4l upon 27 Unnao we can say maximum height about point a will be l + l cos theta + putting all the values you will get your final to offer simplifying you will get this value for 24027 this is your final answer


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