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Class 12






Kinematics Of A Particle


A particle has an initial velo...

A particle has an initial velocity of `9m//s` due east and a constant acceleration of `2m//s^(2)` due west. The distance coverd by the particle in the fifth second of its motion is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`0``0.5 m` ` 2m ` None of these

Answer : B
Solution : ` x= 9t -t^(2) …………` Let east be positive and initial position be x = 0. <br> ` v= 9-2t " "rArr " " v= 0 at t =4.5 sec " "rArr ` dis tance traveled in `5 ^(th) ` sec. <br> ` =|x( 4.5)-x (4) |+|(5)-x(4.5)|………….. " where" x (t) ` is position at time t . <br> ` =| 20 . 25 -20 | +| 20 -20.25|= 0.25 +0.25 =0.5 `


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hello we are given to question and question says A particle has an initial velocity of 10 metre per second you East side is moving towards this direction and constant acceleration to m s u best so the acceleration is Indus addiction right and initial velocities in this direction the distance covered by the particle and fifth second of its motion is what velocity u is 9 metre per second and acceleration is minus 2 metre per second square so according to equation is equal to UT plus half tasty are not this equation we can write the equation of motion is equal to you class 8 chapter what amount of time the velocity would become zero and it would start moving in the reverse direction from here we can write velocity to be equal to zero and X is not zero

19 -20 light source time would be equal to 9 2 metre per second right so this would be equal to 4.5 in S 4.5 S rights in 4.5 seconds it becomes zero right so the displacement in the same period write a neck 42 2.4.5 s b square minus b square is equal to 2 Aas night that would be the displacement to 20 square what we can say we Aspire to be equal to 0 - used so that is given to us as 99 that is created equal to 2 into minus 2 into 10 rights would turn out to be equal to 80 14 meet rights that is equal to 20

25 m that is the displacement method that is thus the displacement during 4.5 second is equal to the distance from letters call the point of the velocity when 0.80 starting from all that says it is a very it is has velocity equal to zero right now it will be worse introduction right so for that you that should be equal to zero acceleration been positive direction to metre per second square right so from here what we can say is that the next point 5 second the distance travelled in is equal to UT plus half a t square in next point 5 second right size for 4.5 second we have found the distance for next 15 so we will complete the total distance travelled in 5 seconds so that would be equal to zero this is zero write this would be

half into 2 into 0.2 to 5.5 seconds when is 0.25 so that would equal to 0.25 M right so this is the distance travelled in next 15 seconds right so what we can say is this would be the total distance the total distance travelled the total distance travelled in 5 seconds would be equal to 20.25 plus 0.25 so that is 20.5 m night but we have been a that in Swift 2nd how much distance is browser is right so we will find S4 that will be equal to UT plus half a t square initially we would have

9 into 499 2nd was the initial speed into 4 plus half into it was minus 2 into 4/16 rights of this and it gets cancelled for 9436 -16 would be equal to 2020 M is the distance travelled in 4 second right to the distance travelled from s 5 - 84 rights that is the distance travelled in 5th S right that would be able to 20.593684 0.557


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