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Class 12






Motion In Two Dimensions


A particle has an initial velo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

10 units ` 7sqrt2 ` units 7 units 8.5 units

Answer : B
Solution : `v=u+at vecv=(3hati+4hatj) +(0.4 hati+0.3hatj) xx 10` <br> `rArr vecv=(3+4)hati+(4+3)hatj rArr |vecv|=sqrt(49+49)=sqrt98=7sqrt2" unit"` <br> (This value is about 9.9 units close to 10 units. If (a) is given that is also not wrong).

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so the question is a particle has initial velocity of 3 + 4 j cap and an acceleration of point 4 ICAP + point pk speed after 10 second is this question is based on the chapter kinematics in this question we are given initial velocity is equals to 3 ICAP + 4 j cap and we are also given acceleration is equals to point 3 ICAP 5.3 acceleration is point 45 plus point the time given is 10 2nd and we have to find final speed first we find final velocity by using first equation of motion

on putting the value will get equal to you is the cap + 4 j cap and a is 4.4 ICAP + 4.3 into tech multiplying we get equal to 3 ICAP + 4 j cap Tekken 7 x + 72 find the magnitude that is to determine the speed define the magnitude under root 7 square + 7 x 7 root 2 metre per that means option

Pisa transfer is it I hope that answer the question thank you

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