A particle executes SHM with a frequency of 25 vib/s and has an amplitude of 0.02m. The speed of the particle 0.30 seconds after it is in the equilibrium position is (n`pi`)m/s. Find value of n

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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executes SHM with the frequency of 25 vibration per second and latitude of 0.02 M the speed of the particle point 3 second portion is 1.5 metre per second find the value of m is equal to see who was the PM Kishan is we can see the equation of SHM can be written as its equal to 5 of Omega 3 if you put me in question answer frequency given to me 25 vibrations per second at 25 part of your can be written as 2.25 at 50 points is given to be 0.025

your is 55 now it to be loved it is being at point c s so we can see at t is equal to zero point 3632 placement of the particle here would be given to be 0.025 A55 in 2.0 can be written as this compound x is equal to be kences you want to sign off 15.15.15 - 6 sixes to find these places 2020 placement is zero and here we can say the velocity at this is the position of equilibrium position velocity is being at which week is maximum at the main portion which is given ok to wear

Omega 15.3 attitude we have as 0.02 this is equal to 50 into redshift rate in 200-105 please if compass 1.2 comparing this with in Pali we have the value of n so equal to one is out

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