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A moving coil galvanometer has...

A moving coil galvanometer has a coil with 175 turns and area `1 cm^(2)`. It uses a torsion band of torsion constant `10^(-6) N-m//rad`. The coil is placed in a magnetic field B parallel to its plane. The coil deflects by `1^(@)` for a current of 1 mA. The value of B (in Tesla) is approximately.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello the parking movie theatre print the magnetic field to play the quiet is reflected by bonding for a current of 1 ampere so we have to find the value of the movie full we have a current carrying coil which is placed in a magnetic

field on a current carrying coil is the magnetic field is the magnetic moment formula we have to find the value will be come we have to find the value MI which is standing at 25° particle / m a

n are the number of the number 1075 current is the medium area what CM for 10 to the power 5 / 17550 nearly option

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