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A moving coil galvanometer has...

A moving coil galvanometer has 100 turns and each turn has an area `2.0 cm^2`. The magnetic field produced by the magnet is `0.01 T`. The deflection in the coil is `0.05` radian when a current of `10 mA` is passed through it. Find the torsional constant of the suspension wire.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We have <br> `I = K/(nAB) theta` <br> or, ` K = (inAB)/(theta)` <br> `= ((10 xx 10^(-3) A) xx 100 xx (2.0 xx 10^(-4) m^2) xx 0.01 T)/(0.05 rad)` <br> `= 4.0 xx 10^(-5) N m rad^(-1)`.


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hello everyone so the question is a moving coil galvanometer has 100 turns and Eastern has an area to CM square the magnetic field produced by the magnet magnet is 2012 the deflection in the college 0.05 Radiant when a current of 10 ampere is passed through it find the total constant of the suspension by torsional constant is basically the restoring torque per unit twist because when we flow of current through the wire then there is because of magnetic field there is talk present in bhaiya and that talk per unit which is called torsional constant so we have to calculate the total constant of the suspension by now there is a straight formula between the between the torsional constant and the current of the Gal M suppose this is the and number of turns number of turns and

is given as 108 area of per is given as area = 22 CM square and current passing through this is given as 10 ma and there is a magnetic field present magnetic field which is present as 0.01 to know we have to call calculate torque unit test for unique twist upper unit turn so the formula is basically given by current that is why equals to K K is a torsional constant upon an ap into Pita ok showcase the torsional constant and is number of turns is area and b is the magnetic field and q is the deflection so we have all the values in this formula so I can write cake balls to I and II

no just putting the value and we will have the value of k i is given as 10 ma changing into a 10 into 10 ki power minus 3 into number of turns is given his hundred into area is given is 2 cm is 1 2 into 10 power minus 4 metre square into magnetic field is given is 0.01 Tesla and deflection is given is 0.05 Radian after simplifying the given the value of k that is a torsional constant and that value is coming out to be 4 into 10 to the power minus 5 and unit is Newton metre per Radian this is the value of k that is the torsional constant and I can say this as social restoring torque per unit twist or per unit

ok thank you

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