A mixture if hydrogen and oxygeb hs volume 2000cm(3), temperature 300K, pressure 100kPa and mass 0.76g.Calculate the masses of hydrogen and oxygen in the mixture.

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Suppose there are n1 moles of hydrogen and n2 moles of oxygen in the mixture. The pressyre of the mixture will be
or, 100×103Pa=(n1+n2)8.3JK1mol1(300K)2000×106m3<br>or,n1+n2=0.08mol. ...(i)
The mass of the mixture is
or, n1+16n2=0.38mol. ...(ii)
from (i) and(ii),
the mass of hydrogen = 0.06×2g=0.12g and the mass of oxygen =0.02×32g=0.64g.

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