A metallic rod of mass per unit length 0.5kgm1 is lying horizontally on a straght inclined plane which makes an angle of 30 with the horizontal. The rod is not allowed to slide down by flowing a current throguh it when a magnetic field of induction 0.25T is acting on it in the vertical direction. The current flowing in the rod to keep it stationary is


14.76 A


5.98 A


7.14 A


11.32 A

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The correct Answer is:D

d) Key concep, Firstly, make a free body diagram of the system and indicate the magnitude and direction of all the forces acting on the body, Then, choose any two mutually perpendicualr axes say X and Y in the plane of forces in case of coplanar forces. As the systm is in equilibrium,
ΣFx=0 or mgsinθ=Fcosθ............(i)
Where, F is the magnitude of force experienced by the rod when placed in a magnetic field and current I is flowing through it.
But the force expereienced by the given rod in a unifom magnetic field is
Eq. (i) becomes
According to the question.
Here, mL=0.5kgm1,g=9.8ms2,θ=30, B=0.25 T
Substituting the given values in Eq. (ii), we get
I=0.5×9.80.25tan30 = (0.5 xx 9.8)/(0.25) xx 1/sqrt(3) == 11.32 A

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