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Class 12






Magnetic Field And Magnetic Forces


A metal wire PQ of mass 10g li...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 3
Solution : `Ibl=mumg` <br> `implies 6/20xx0.8xx5/100=mu10/1000(10)` <br> `implies mu=0.12=3//25`

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hello everyone a metal wire PQ of mass 10 g lies at rest on two horizontal Limited range separated by 5 cm shown in the figure a vertically downward magnetic field of magnitude 0.8 Tesla exist in space the resistance of the circuit is slowly decreased and it is found that when the resistance goes below 20 via PQ starts sliding on the day the coefficient of friction between the wire in dreams is found their food in between the wires and is found to be an by 25 find the value of n for the question is asking us to find out the value of n if the coefficient of friction is a and b 25 and the other values are given indication when a metal wire starts moving

to move the maximum static friction that is new MG should be equal to b i l which is the force due to the magnetic field since the metal start to move at this point and the there the the force is believed to be the right that the force due to magnetic field will be equal to I which is the current flowing through the metal wire into bi which is the value of magnetic field and which is the length of the wire and the friction will be equals to F which is equals to Mu into mg Dekho Sab City recently prove that equation one should be equal to equation to does we can write that IBL will be equals to new into

mg substituting the value pick and write that 6 by 20 X 0.8 x 5 by 100 is equals to new into 10 / 1000 in 210 in from here we find out that new is equals to 0.12 which is equals to 3 by 25 therefore on calculation we can see that the value of n is equals to 3 thank you

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