A metal wire of resistance 3ω is elongated to make a unform wire of double its previous length. This new wire is now bent and the ends joined to make a circle. If two points on this circle make an angle 60 at the centre, the equivalent resistance between these two points will be :


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hello the problem sister metal wire of resistance is a uniform by the new world is now back in the and join to make a circle 2.16 between metal wire having resistance of that this is a method by which the resistance of a college launches
its volume is constant speed V the new building but area should be able to order should be / area but now we have a boy whose resistance is 12 this word is now that the answer to make a sar that
is the word which is the total resistance of 12 may have to find their angle 60 degree angle 555 IC so that the length is proportional to the resistor is proportional to its length
so that is fine architecture pipe discipline and according to also we know that the total total resistance is
that in the unit length equal to 12 by 23 by which is true and accordingly in the length of a b one by two
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