Updated on:30/05/2023

A mass of 10 kg is at a point A on a table. It is moved to a point B. If the line joining A and B is horizontal, what is the work done on the object by the gravitational force ? Explain your answer.



man of 10 kg is at point a on a table it is moved to a point B if the line joining a and b is horizontal what is the work done on the object by the gravitational force so we have to explain our answer support this is our man initially he was at this point and he's getting mood to this point and acting in Dhanvantari ok so what is work Baki fds app which can be written as force into displacement 2 cos theta
cos theta is the angle between force vector and displacement vector so what is displacement of Ab of this object is moving from a to b which is horizontal and force of gravity in downward direction which is Vertical angle between displacement vector and force vector is 90 degree so cos theta will be zero at cost 19085 work done by gravity in this process will be ji ok thank you


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