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A man can swim in still water ...

A man can swim in still water at `4m//s` river is flowing at `2m//s`. the angle with downstream at which he should swim to cross the river minimum drift is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone let's start the question question she is that a man can swim in still water at 4 metre per second river is flowing at metre per second the girl with the downstream site which he should swim to cross the river minimum gift is 120 degree 150 degree 30 degree and 60 degree if we consider the case that say this is the river and the direction of flow of water is this direction we can say this is the downstream down screen now manage to crores from this direction to the other side

if you start on this position and cross the river along a straight line then should be the minimum drift ok and suppose he starts rising from this site and process and request is point then we must be drifting ultimate ok so let's say the direction of the velocity of water is that is PR and for men in still water for men in still water is in this direction that is bhi man so if you start swimming with angle theta in this direction then you can reach

Dadar site without having draped ok aur minimum drift so we can write sin theta this is the velocity of men with respect to repair sin theta will be equal to the velocity of / Ministry of their respective river so we can write it is the where is given as 2 metre per second and MRP can write if he is living with 4 metre per second we can write for the answer will be one by two if you find out the cheetah cheetah that it will be Sin inverse half that is

30 degree direction with the downstream that is the angle with the downstream will be not its angle is 90 degree angle with the angle of men with respect to river with the download 90 degree + l l ok and it is 30° we can write 90 degree + 30 degree which will be equal to 12 so we can see the option is correct we can write

the man the angle angle with down stream of man is 120 thank you

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