A magnetic needle performs `20` oscillations per minute in a horizontal plane. If the angle of dip be `30^@`, then how many oscillation per minute will this needle perform in vertical, north south plane and in vertical east -west plane?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
In horizontal plane, the magnetic needle osicllates in horizontal component H. <br> `" " T=2pi sqrt((I)/(MH))` <br> In the vertical north plane (magnetic meridian), the needle oscillates in the total earth's magnetic field `B_(e)` and in vertical east-west plane (plane perpendicular to the magnetic meidian) it oscillates only in earth's vertical component V. If its time period be `T_(1) and T_(2)`, then <br> `" " T_(1)=2pi sqrt((I)/(MB_(e)))=and T_(2)=2pi sqrt((I)/(MV))` <br> From above equations, we can find <br> `" " (T_(1)^(2))/(T^(2))=(H)/(B_(e)) or (n_(1)^(2))/(n^(2))=(B_(e))/(H)` <br> `"Similarly" (n_(2)^(2))/(n^(2))=(V)/(H)` <br> `"Further", (B_(e))/(H)=sec theta=sec30^(@)=(2)/(sqrt3)` <br> `and " " (V)/(H)=tan theta=tan30^(@)=(1)/(sqrt3)` <br> `therefore " " n_(1)^(2)=(n)^(2)((B_(e))/(H))=(20)^(2)((2)/(sqrt3))` <br> `or" " n_(1)=21.5 " oscillation//min"`


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a magnetic needle of home country oscillations per minute in a horizontal plane if the angle of 30 degree then how many oscillations per minute with medical form in vertical north-south play and vertical east-west play not here in a person is the information given so we can write formula for horizontal time right is equal to 2.3 appointed for this is a horizontal plane at this is a north-south to find time period so here we get this is a north-south and vertical expression for a horizontal component of josiah longer maritan irradiance this is the here we get winter component and hear the better this is a horizontal component in vertical component of Earth's magnetic field

then we combine their so we get it in a week and write up 41 is equal to 2 by under root 3 upon the here and now we can write for it to now you can see this part vertical it and backplane no north pole software component as earlier we get vertical component here so we can write any two physical to to buy under upon fb or vertical component know as we know that when time period time periods is increases so oscillation and time period is it decreases so oscillation increases and right that it is

personally proportional to the number of oscillation now here we can write 1 by 2 is equal to under root Android disturb is a square is equal to write disturb is and care upon and scared because it personally proportional to the number of oscillations here we can write and here are so we can write like this this is a n square y square is equal to use Earth magnetic Formula for cos theta and here we can write upon at consecutive

this angle of dip at 30 degree to buy under root now we can find a vertical b is equal to 10 theta now get 10321 under root 3 then put the value and find the square and square is equal to movies122 under root 3 will come and one is come to 1.5 oscillations per minute and too scared to hear this n square by Archer and here we can write

2103 it come 15.2 oscillation per minute now here enter value is come 15.2 oscillation permanent hair we have to find the number of oscillation here we have put the value of and was clear and antonyms appear for now here this is a solution is customised thank you

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