A long wire having a semi-circular loop of radius r carries a current I, as shown in Fig. Find the magnetic field due to entire wire. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/SLA_NP_PHY_XII_C09_S01_020_Q01.png" width="80%">



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Updated On: 18-5-2021

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`(mu_(0)I)/(4r)``(mu_(0)I^(2))/(4r)``(mu_(0)I)/(4r^(2))`None of these

Answer :
Solution :
According to Biot savart Law, the magnetic induction at a point to a current carrying elemnet i `delta` l is given by <br> `deltaB=(mu_(0))/(4pi)(ideltalxxr)/(r^(3))or B=(mu_(0))/(4pi)(ideltalsintheta)/(r^(2))` <br> Directed normal to plane containing `deltal` and <br> r theta being angle between `delta`l and r <br> r `theta` being angle between `delta` l and r <br> Magnetic field due to linear portions of wire <br> If we consider anuy element of lenth `deltal` of either linear portion ab or de, the angle between `delta` l and r is 0 or `pi` therefore. <br> `sintheta=0` <br> Hence, magnetic induction due to both linear portins of wire is <br> `(mu_(0))/(4pi)(ideltalsintheta)/(r)=0` <br> Field due to semi circular are <br> Now angle between a current element `delta` l of semi circular arc and the radius vector of the elment to point c is `pi//2` <br> Therefoe the magnitude of magnetic induction B at O due to this element is <br> `deltaB=(mu_(0))/(4pi)(ideltalsinpi//2)/(r^(2))=(mu_(0)ideltal)/(4pir^(2))` <br> Hence magnetic indution due to whole semi circular loop is `B=Sigma(mu_(0))/(4pi)(ideltal)/(r^(2))=(mu_(0))/(4pir^(2))=(mu_(0))/(4pi)(i)/(i^(2))Sigmadeltai=(mu_(0)i)/(4piR^(2))(pir)=(mu_(0)i)/(4r)`

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