A long staright wire of radius a carries a steady current I. The curent is unifromly distributed over its cross-section. The ratio of the magnetic fields B and B' , at radial distances a2 and 2a respectively from the axis of the wire is:


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hello Viman a long straight wire of radius a carrying a Steady Current I current is uniformly distributed over is cross section of magnetic field b and b dash at a distance of 1 by 2 and 2 respectively from the axis of the wire can you to check the ratio of people so if it see the top views this is the long wire and understand that its radius is a right and we have to check a what's the magnetic field at a by 2 and at Tui
this is to this is a b oh and this is to be and B are here the magnetic field is b and hear the magnetic field is bid as we know that the magnetic field at a distance lesser this is be so I will apply the a circuital law so I will try to be into 2 by 2 is equals to Mu not x current into it you can see it is not so Karan per unit area so the total current here as I will write I
by area by area in closed so this will be the current in closed so I will write a buy 2 get 2 from here you will get the magnetic field B as this will get cancelled out and you will get a and b a square and this will also get cancelled out and you will get to square so you will let me or not I buy 45 is the magnetic field at a distance of a bi to any five talk about a magnetic field at a distance of 28 will be simply not I by 2 and the distance is two way it is the same unit I buy 45 a few take the ratio so it is
Bidar so if you take the race Bheem I M it is equals to 1 by 1 and this will be the answer this question are you can Mount the correct option your privacy Habibi is the correct option thank you

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