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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 29


A loaded spring gun of mass M ...

A loaded spring gun of mass M fires a bullet of mass m with a velocity v at an angle of elevation `theta`. The gun is initially at rest on a horizontal smooth surface. After firing, the centre of mass of the gun and bullet system

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

moves with a velocity `v(m)/(M)` moves with a velocity `(vm)/(M) cos theta` in the horizontal directionremains at rest moves with a velocity `(v(M-m))/((M+m))` in the horizontal direction

Answer : C


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we have a question is that a loaded it spring gun of the mask and fires A bullet of mass with velocity of V at an angle of elevation of the gun is initially at rest on the horizontal smooth surface of the mass of the gun and Bullet system in capital and capital and Cos theta in the horizontal direction at a constant velocity V - find out super Singh right down solution here and make a solution for this question we right now this question is

if we consider we consider consider a system princess of gun that is ok then no external food no external food is present on present on present on

on this system the acceleration Roshan Kumar centre of mass Upma Pagdi system of this system system will be 0 ok so initially initially ji system find out the system is in the centre of mass will be always remains at rest because

system in Red 2 centre of mass centre of mass man will be will be always always remain at rest

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