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Class 11






Fluid Mechanics


A liquid is flowing through a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::C
Solution : From, `A_(1)v_(1)=A_(2)v_(2) " or " v prop (1)/(4)` <br> At a point where area of cross-section is less, volume of liquid flowing per second is same but speed is more. Therefore, here kinetic energy is more or the pressure will be less.

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English question it is given a liquid is flowing through a pipe of non uniform cross section at a point where the area of cross section of the pipe is left to match the following suppose there will be a pipe which is non uniform cross section of supports it is like this we have to find the cross section of the area is let this is the cross section area compared to this proposed the water is coming from this collection is greater than by question of continuity you know that a into b is equal to constant equation of continuity

bhai question of short form of equation will be inversely proportional to city to smaller the cross-sectional area greater the velocity of liquid will increase as to cause a smaller process because now volume of liquid flowing per second we have just in a into b is equal to what is meant to be it is the rate of flow rate of flow is equal to call with respect to whatever be the wall

coming from a 12 for you always remain constant talking to pressure by Bernoulli's equation you know not + a + b square is equal to constant is my Bernoulli's equation if that area and areas list for velocity will be more to this last

going to because it is quality settings for this will definitely will increase disturb we have to somehow Mein Holi question Bernoulli's equation solution construct if this last term is increasing so some of the term has to decrease as it is not going to change the only thing is this pressure so if last term is increasing then this place has proved that this whole some will remain constant pressure will decrease in the above he goes to

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