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A lift of mass 920 kg has a ca...

A lift of mass 920 kg has a capacity of 10 persons. If average mass of person is 68 kg. Friction force between lift and lift shaft is 6000 N. The minimum power of motor required to move the lift upward with constant velocity 3 m/s is [`g = 10 m/s^2` ]


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

62360 W56300 W48000 W66000 W

Answer : 4


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hello Ravana list of mass 920 kg has a capacity of 10 person if average marks of the person is 68 kg the friction force between the left and the list of is given their 6000 Newton minimum power of the motor required to lift up with a constant speed of 3 metre per second rate Sula see the diagram so lift can have 10 persons who lived with the person will be acted by the w that will be close to mass of the left into G plus mass of 10 person in 2G so we can calculate the w so the lift weight is another person vettu total percent weight will be turned into 680 will be 9 2006

8008 is equals to 16000 very simple to this will be the total weight that will act on the left us system in downward direction it is given that with what you like what should be the power so that left can be moved up with a speed of 3 metre per second if the lift will move upward played so head tension force will act which make the lift move a potato and the lift is moving with 3 metre per second rapid action force hair will happen downward direction and the velocity is constant then the acceleration of the system will be zero so I will write = 20 to the tension force with the equals to w

special force between the left and the staff and a w here is 61600 and friction force between the lesson the soft is given here is 6008 so this will be the tension that is to 2000 to the tension force act 2000 Newton now I have to find out the power of the motor required rate so when the lifter will be acted by this much tension force and velocity will be 3 metre per second then we went to write the power as FB cos theta and have the velocity and the tension force are pahle so I will just multiplied so will get t is equals to this into velocity is trees will get 66000 as the power in

this much power will be required to move the left with a constant velocity of 3 metre per second that is 66000 what thank you

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