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Nta Tpc Jee Main Test 51


A lift in a building can carry...

A lift in a building can carry a maximum of 10 persons, with the average mass of each person being 68 Kg. The mass of the lift itself is 920 Kg and it moves with a constant speed of 3 m/s. The frictional force opposing the motion is 6000 N. If the lift is moving up with its full capacity, the power delivered by the motor to the lift `(g = 10 m//s^2)` must be at least:

Text Solution

62360 W56300 W48000 W66000 W

Answer : D
Solution : Net force on motor will be <br> `F_m = [920 +68(10)]g + 6000 = 22000N` <br> So, required power for motor `P_m = vecF_(m) .vecv` <br> ` = 22000 xx 3` <br> = 66000 Watt


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