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Class 12






Geometrical Optics


A lens forms a virtual, dimini...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Concave, `|f|=1m`Convex, `|f|=1m`Concave, `|f|=2m`Convex, `|f|=2m`

Answer : c.
Solution : `m=(f)/(f+u),(1)/(2)=(f)/(f-2),` or `2f=f-2 ` or `f=-2m` <br> `|f|=2` metre. Since the image is virtual as well as diminshed, therefore the lens is concave.

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question in the question says a lens forms a virtual and diminished image of an object placed into centimetre front of it the size of the image is half of the object which of the following statement is correct rain so what are we given is that the image is placed at to M from at night so in you are given that it is -2 night and we are given another thing that is magnification in size of the images half of that of object that we buy new it is mother's so we can say that it is equal to point it because it is half you see you get cancel this are the two things that a given frequency from here that b is equal to 4.5 you so that means a b is equal to 2.5 that means 1 by 2 into minus 2 Sin

- 1 cm so now we can say that one bi f sings for mirror is 1 by 3 minus 1 by you for lens right so what we can say now is that we have a lens so we can find the focal length Shubham Bhai that is -1 rate minus 1 by 1 minus 1 + it becomes + 1 by rates from here but we can say is that this would be equal to minus 2 + 1 by the correct so - 2 + 1 by 2 so from here it turns out to be equal to mine

19 Sabko cal length from here would be equal to minus 27 so what the more mode of f is equal to 2 metres but since if is less than zero balance so this is the option thank you

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