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Class 12






Electromagnetic Waves


A L-C resonant circuit contain...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`272cm``0.0272 m``377 cm``3.77 cm`

Answer : B
Solution : Frequency of `L-C` oscilaltion is <br> `v = 1/(2pisqrt(LC)) = (1)/(2 xx 3.14sqrt(100 xx 10^(-6) xx 200 xx 10^(-22)))` <br> `= 1.26 xx 10^(6) Hz` <br> So, wavelength `lambda = (c)/(v) = (3 xx 10^(8))/(1.26 xx 10^(6)) = 266 m`

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question is LC resonant circuit contains 200 picofarad capacitor hundred micro ghost in the Shell it is set into consideration coupled to an antenna of the radiated electromagnetic wave is resonant frequency of LLC resonant circuit is given out at 1.25 to see this can be written as 1.25 root under there is power in the test which is hundred micro was so 10 power minus 6 and as we know what was still from underscore Tesla into a capacitor C 200 202 we have here at this point 112 into 10 power 9 parts as we know we is given as the soul the wavelength

internet we buy gift and we have speed of light is our 0.112 into we have here at 10 year is our 3 into 10 power 8 metre per second / we have here at 0.11 2 into 10 power 9 hours so this here on calculation 26.7 8 into 10 power minus 1 which is equal to 2.678 so converting into centimetre this is 260 7.8 cm find the nearest option is optional 13271 is the correct answer

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