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Class 11






Rotational Mechanics


A kid of mass M stands at the...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : A kid of mass M stands at tehedge of the platform of a raduis R which has a moment of inertia I. S ball thrown to him and with horizontal velocity of the ball -v when we catches it. <br> Therefoe if we take the total bodies as a system <br> `mvR={1+(M+m)R^2}omega` <br> The moment of inerti aofkid adn ball about the axis=`(M+m)R^2` <br> `rarr omega=(mvR)/(1+(M+m)R^2)`

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Akele of mass capital M stands at the age of a platform of radius capital R which can be freely rotated about its Axis the moment of inertia of the platform is my system is at rest when a friend throws A ball of mass M and the kid catches it if the velocity of the ball is horizontally along the tangent of the age of the platform when I discovered by the kid find the angular speed of the platform after the event A ball of mass M is thrown at the boy who catches it so because of the catching we can say that this is an elastic collision because both of them stick together now so if we consider the platform the boy and the ball as part of system we can say that there is no external force or torque applied on the system therefore Sigma it is equal to zero and Sigma f is equal to zero

therefore if we consider the point of the centre point of the platform then angular momentum of system about point is conserved so initially the platform and the boy at rest but mass M is moving with velocity v and the distance of this velocity vector the perpendicular distance the velocity vector from point a is equal to the radius capital R angular momentum of a body is equal to MB

Subah angular momentum of the ball is m into V into capital R and after the boy catches the ball angular momentum is equal to I into Omega is moment of inertia of the system about oh so I can be written as I of platform denoted as i + moment of inertia of the boy that is capital M into our square + moment of inertia of ball after the boy catches it so much smaller meals at a distance of capital as well therefore now we have MV capital R is equal to I Plus

capital lamplus small m into capital R square into Omega therefore the Omega angular speed becomes equal to M capital R / i + capital + small m into capital square this is the answer

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