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Class 11






Simple Harmonic Motion


A horizontal platform with an ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : 5

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winter weather check placed on it is executing SHM in the vertical direction amplitude of oscillation is the field of these oscillations so that the object is not detract from the platform is 5.5 M S Dhoni can say that in the block is performing SHM in the vertical direction so this is our lipstick position but school competition topic will let se touch by the distance is not this is left in the corresponding which force balance is so this is the mean position on equilibrium position and here we can set This particle performs

weather Churu given to be equal to explore and we can say this experiment can be written as cake spot is equal to empty and when the information in this finding maximum acceleration so we can say this particle has maximum acceleration at the Eastern portion always directed towards evergreen chal so we can say here at the maximum spacing in the woods lives we can say to take into to export at a word in a pseudo force into a at downloads and the same situation questions we can senior engineer at the upward position into a max and we can say no

sex and the spring is produced writing so we can say among the maximum compression and maximum stretching we have maximum acceleration at the maximum compression so this is the situation if the block does not get detached from the maximum compression and not even that detects and the maximum setting which implies that anything to come out equal to m2go MM cancels out comes out to be equal to in speaker se emacs maximum acceleration square into 2 cube is equal to which is put into 10 power minus 3 and corresponding period so we can say you comes out as or more than the buy it now

the time period comes out as 25 route finder we can say we can see that this comes out at 2.4 into 10 power minus 3 is so we can say here this comes out Apple t is equal to 1 to 10 power minus 4 square minus 4 by 4 wire can be written as that simple 25 so this interaction with its frequency of value of this comes out as a sequel to 5 result

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