A high tension wire is at a high potential with respect to a wire which is well grounded called Earth wire. You must have seen such wires stretched parallel to roads. There is a high tension wire between two points A and B. 1 km apart. The distance between HT wire and earth wire is 1 m. The resisatnce of the HT (and also the earth wire) is 1 Omega//m. This wire is at a potential of 11 KV at point A w.r.t. to earth wire. and its is carrying 1 A current which returns back to the generator by through the earth wire. This wire is quite a thick wire. There is a sign board at a pole over which this wire is stretched reading DANGER, 11 KV. You might thick what would happen if one touched this wire. Will one feel a shock or not. Well ! it depends on whether the current through our body exceeds a particular valuem which we may call CRITICAL CURRENT. <br> If the potential difference between H.T and earth wire is 11 kV at point A, find p.d between these wires at point B



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Updated On: 22-7-2021

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1 KV2 KV9 KV10 KV

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