A heavy particle of mass 1kg suspended from a massless string attached to a roof. A horizontal force F is applied to the particle such that in the equilibrium position the string makes and angle 30 with the vertical. The magnitude of the force F equals


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hello friends question is given heavy particle of mass 1 kg is suspended from a massless string attached to a horizontal force f is applied to a particle such that equilibrium position Dastak makes angle 30 degree with the vertical the magnitude of the force f equal ok so see first we will extend this force line match this horizontal line and let's assume this is our vertical line safety triangle is 36 angle will be how much 30 degree ok because this is this will be 90 this will be 60 ok so this will be 30 and tension it is here so tension have two component in vertical side this will be 3 sin theta ok and sorry this will be t cos theta ok theek cos theta theta cos 30 and Hindi sorry I don't
inside this will be Te sin 30 degree and B will be home MG ok so maybe write the equation here soti cos 30 is equal to how much mg let's assume this is equation first and T sin 30 is equal to how much for safe let's ASM desi question second ok now the bhai to buy one ok so we will get if I am ji is equal to how much 10:30 Tan 30 degree ok so 10:30 is equal to how much 1 by root 3 so if upon MG MG value will be how much mass 1 in 2010 is equal to 1 upon root 3 ok show from a force is equal to how much 10 upon root 3 Newton ok source option 10 by root
3 option last is the correct option thank you

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