A fly wheel of M.I. `0.32 kg m^(2)` is rotated steadily at 120 rad/s by 50 w electric motor. Then the value of the frictional couple opposing rotation is,

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Kinetic energy `K_R=1/2Iomega^2=1/2(0.32)(120)^2=2304J`.


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hello everyone letter start with the question in this question what is given that there is a flywheel of moment of inertia value point 32 kg metre square and it is rotated steadily at 120 Radian per second by 50 Watt this is capital w that this is the power of the electric motor to determine the fictional Kapil ok so first of all what is the power power is written as power would it cost to go into this would be the value of power ok no value of would be close to in12 we can see that our stock is what Tok sin2 Alfa X this is the power this is that ok this is angular velocity Omega so from this expression we can get to know what is the value of Alpha so what would be the hour angular acceleration if it would be powered / Omega super values given us to be 50 Watt / moment of inertia values for 32 kg metre square and then make a value is 120 Radian per second

ok if you calculate the value would turn out to be on the unit would turn out to be in Radian per second square we have been as with the fictional this couple so fictional couple for example if this is let's say this is a flywheel so we just of Life OK so so they would be a frictional force on the table which on which it has been kept for example it will be rotated like this with some angular velocity Omega at any instant of time so there would be a fictional talk which would be acting which would be opposing this motion ok out on each and every portion the frictional force should be directed opposite to the motion ok now we have been asked what is the value of the friction Kapil so fictional company is nothing but the frictional torque ok special couple is what basically frictional torque that is what they are been asking so frictional torque would be equal to what talk is what is basically I am to inform ok so Alpha value we have already calculated if you multiply this by the value of which is equal to 2.32 into 50 / 0.3

into 120 ok so this stock frictional torque of frictional Kapil we can say that this value would turn out to be 14 to Newton metre so this should be our answer for the fictional Kapil of frictional torque ok so hope you understood this solution thank you

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