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A drum and its braking system ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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A. 2.84 secB. 3.76 secC. 5 secD. 4.65 sec

Solution : NA

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according to question a drum and its Braking System shown in the diagram that has radius of 1.5 m and the moment of inertia is 80 KG about its axis of rotation and Spring Constant is 50 Newton per metre and coefficient of friction between the bar and the drum is point when Trump is in action spring has to my location so extension of the spring is 2 m and the drum rotates with 200 RPM find the time required for give the drum at rest ok so according to diagram that drum is rotating OK when it rotates the allocation of the spring is 2 metre so due to that allocation

the force apply to Spring so that forced will be equal to kx ok and get to that force a normal force will a normal force and will act here that is an acid value of spring constant is given in question that is 50 and the extension of the spring is through the force of spring means kx ok in extension condition that is equal to K value of k is 50 find the value of x is true lines of force of a string is equal to hundred metre that is the force due to spring at the end we have to calculate the value of normal force so we will apply

Tok talk equilibrium from that point that suspension point ok we will apply equilibrium condition of torque so that distance is 2 m from normal force and the from distance cakes distance is 6 m so talk due to Spring possible will be equal to talk to normal force because system is in equilibrium in that condition to the talk will be equal to normal force into two M that is equal to number 4G to cakes spring force in 26 location normal force and will be equal to 3 into fsn value of fs600d will get normal force of 300 Newton ok so that is a normal force due to which friction force will apply between the drum and the bar OK when it is rotating lessons on the friction is

a play on that blocks will be enough so first of all we will calculate the value of friction f friction f is equal to 2 and the value of Mu is 0.4 and the value of n we get 302 that the fraction value is 120 Newton ok now we have to find the time in which it will stop so we have to find angular retardation ok and for calculation of angular retardation first of all we have to find talk about that Centre the net talk about the centre about a fixed axis of the rotation fix

axis of rotation sotok will be due to friction force so that network will be equal to f into radius + F into Radian because both the friction torque due to friction are in same direction the talk will be equal to friction force is 120 ok I can save to f r location to the friction force is a 120 and the radius of drum is 1.5 ok so we will get 360 newton into m ok that is the talk and as we know that ok is also equal to Alfaaz we can find value of Alpha

talk is equal to Alpha so Alpha is equal to 360 Alpha will be equal to 360 upon Alpha sorry I N equation is given moment of inertia about fix Axis as a team 360 EP 182 we will get 40 time that is 240 time that is 99 by to Radian per second ok that is our nation ok now we can apply kinematics because I Alpha value of Alpha is constant so from equation of kinematics we can say

Mega is equal to omega note ticket + Alpha OK your final velocity is zero and Alpha is negative so we can say that it is equal to omega not upon Alpha so inertial Omega in question that is given as to 200 RPM 200 RPM can also written as 200 into 25 upon 60 Radian per second ok sunao put that value here that is 200 into 25 upon 60 in 2219 ok so that time will be equal to 4.65

ok option d option d will be correct

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