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Jee Mains 2020


A double convex lens has power...

A double convex lens has power P and same radii of curvature R of both the surfaces. The radius of carvature of a surface of plano-convex lens made of the same meterial with power 1.5 P is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello everyone a double convex lens has a power p and same radius of curvature R of both the surface is the radius of curvature of a surface of Plano convex lens made of same material with PowerPoint 1.5 P is what if you see we know that the power is one bi f right so power is equals to I will write one bi f it is equals to new relative rate aso Mu relatively New lands by Mu a minus 1 into 1 by our 1 minus 1 by 8 to write it is said that the both are made up of same material and the first one double convex lens having same radius of curvature of both the surfaces at the event here SOP when will be equals to Mu relative minus 1 into 1 by

minus minus will be plus so I will write plus it will be Mu relative minus 1 into to buy a puppy to power for the second I will write Mu relative -1 it will be won by a minus 1 by infinity if you see for the Plano convex lens other forces have Infinity radius of curvature is divide the two equation I will write equation to buy Question 1 it will be equal to P to buy it will be equal to if you see her new relative minus 1 by our SP2 and in Division with this so it will be new relative minus 1 into 2 into our soldiers let this are dash we want to calculate this are so here I will I die

rate ok so this newsletter will get cancelled out and app2 and even a letter given in the question T1 hair is and P2 is point 1.5 be so this I will put 1.5 P B T is equals to B to order Street sofa pitino convex lens the radius of curvature is hardest so this will get cancelled out and you will get 3 B to B to this two will also get cancelled out and you will get the address is equals to our by 3 and this will be the radius of the Plano convex lens which we wanted from the question now you can match the correct option the correct option


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