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A disc of mement of inertia I ...

A disc of mement of inertia `I` is rotating due to external torque. Its kinetic energy is equal to `Ktheta^(2)`. Where K is the positive constant. Its angular acceleration at an angle `theta` will be:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C


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hello everyone net start the question question that moment of inertia is rotated to extend its kinetic energy is equal to 80 square where is positive constant its angular acceleration at an angle theta will be 76 kg and 4kg are so so we have to find out angular angular acceleration Alpha we need to find a way to find out Alpha if it is disc disc of moment inertia I due to Acid Reflux

the kinetic energy of a disc having moment of inertia ise equal to omega square ok so here what is given kinetic energy is given a m square a constant so if you put the values of kinetic energy this site half I omega square equal to ke Pita to and if we take to to the other side will be I omega square to a l ok and again we take

decide Omega only then this will be to k m square by now now we will differ this old version so if you differentiate is it is this ad will be to omega De Omega 3 side to buy into 2 theta into it ok and accountant or not if you solve further we see here that two and two what are cancelled out

what is left Megha Omega and if you take the dictator this side will be the Omega by the theatre and the set what will be there to Pita bhai so we know that the Alpha that is angular acceleration is equal to omega Omega M so we can replace by Alpha to kya / I so this is the way the question to find out Alpha if you see these options the correct option is to get it why so we can write correct answer

answer is alpha equal to 2 k m bi thank u

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